Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Final Project

For our groups final project we made an ad campaign for a gym for people in wheel chairs called Rise Fitness. This is our final project.

Billboard ad - Braden Alexander

Website landing page - Cody Williams

Logo - Cody Williams

Magazine ad - Stockton Mcmullin

Magazine ad - Nathan Bernardo 

Commercial - Justin Badger and Alex

Style guide

Style Guide - Braden Alexander

Thursday, March 23, 2017

compose your frame

This was a picture that one of my friends took of me while we were hiking in Ivins, I think this picture is a great photo and representation of the rule of thirds because of where I and the moon are placed, at the intersections of the gridlines. it also works well with the ground we are on, the mountains in the background and the sky. The contrast between the sunset and the red rock also works well for the photo. I work as a graphic vector in this photo with where I am looking and the line of the mountains takes you across the entire photo.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Image result for advertisement campains mcdonalds

Good Advertisement
  • Uses color which is familiar with the viewer (McDonald's red)
  • Uses Gestalt principles of Contrast and simplicity
  • Uses comedy to connect with viewer through context 

Image result for burger king breakfast ad

Bad Advertisement
  • Bad contrast  (the food doesn't pop)
  • word placement is random and doesnt work with the gestalt principle of similarity and proximity
  • not eye catching (its boring)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There are a lot of reasons as to why I find this picture beautiful, I think it carries a big message and makes you think about what is happening behind this picture. Theres obvious contrast between the black riot gear of the police and the white heart shaped balloon, which is one of the main reasons its a beautiful picture but there are also some gestalt principles in play here, the law of similarity and the law of proximity are in play here with the riot police, we obviously know they are all together as a group and assume that some opposition is also there or else they wouldn't be.

Context also plays an important role in this photo, without context we can come up with all sorts of ideas to the story behind this photo but when context is added it gives it a whole different meaning. This photo was taken after a small child at a protest in Romania made it and gave it to the riot officer, the fact that the officer kept almost communicates that he doesn't necessarily agree with what the Government is doing but he has a job he has to perform.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Im not sure who took this photo but I love it, there are many aspects of this photo that work together to make it beautiful and like was explained in class, no one aspect can stand alone and be beautiful, you need contrast. The contrast between the left mountain and the right was immediately one of the first things I noticed, the way the clouds are rolling on the left mountain and its covered by shade to make it dark while the right side is vivant and bright creates meaning in the photo. Another aspect of this photo that catches the eye is the symmetry from the mountains reflecting on the water. Noty to mention how line is used to take the viewer down the passage of the river, these lines being the canoe until the bow and then also the line of the river on the mountain makes the viewer follow it.